The Descendants of Silvester Nuchols

Silvester Nuchols
Also spelled
Sylvester Nuchols

b. Petersburg, Virginia. He married 29 Sep 1791 in Warren County, North Carolina, Sally Sails. She died in Blount County, Tennessee, and was buried in Crooked Creek Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. Silvester died abt. 1830, in Blount County, Tennessee, and is also buried in Crooked Creek Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee.

   At the time the English arrived in Virginia in the early 1600s, the site that would later become Petersburg, was occupied by a significant Powhatan settlement, shown on Captain John Smith's map as Appamatuck, and was the seat of a sub-tribe of Native Americans of the same name, governed by a "queen" who was affiliated with Chief Powhatan and the Powhatan Confederacy. Petersburg grew from the former Fort Henry, established on the south bank of the Appomatox in 1645. The city developed rapidly, and the Virginia General Assembly formally organized it in 1784. The Battle of Petersburg in 1781 was a part of the British attempt to regain control of Virginia. (The above was taken from the wikipedia.)

   Silvester Nuchols has been a very elusive person to find information on. He was a minister, performing marriage ceremonies for several people, including more of the Nuchols Family. Of course their names were spelled several different ways.

    Silvester is shown as being witness to several estates being probated, and as a purchaser of goods being sold at these auctions. The 1800 Hallifax, Warren County, North Carolina Census shows Silvester with one male and one female under the age of ten in his household, along with his wife. In the 1810 census, there was only three in the household. Is it possible that he had a daughter, along with his son Thomas, and she either passed away, or got married and left home before 1810?
Silvester Nuchols was also shown as taxed in the year of 1811, in Smith's Creek District, in North Carolina, along with a John Nuchols. In the following years however, John was still there, but Silvester was gone. We believe the time period between 1817 and 1820 is when Silvester, Sally, and Thomas, along with his wife Sally, came to Blount County, Tennessee, and settled in the Crooked Creek Community. Courthouse documents show they were one of the first families there.

27 April 1789; Aug. Ct. 1789. JOHN POTTS, of Warren Co., N.C., to WATSON STOTT, of Suffolk, Va. Sale of livestock, goods & chattles, for 50 Pds. Wit: JOHN NUCHOLS. Ack: by JOHN POTTS.
27 April 1789; Ack: Aug. Ct. 1789. List of furniture, livestock, books, utensils, etc. & rec't, fr. JOHN POTTS to WATSON STOTT for listed articles, with promise to hold them for his use & to deliver them on demand. Wit: JOHN NUCHOLS.

    I believe that Silvester may have been a brother to the John Nuchols, that he was listed with in 1811, but have not proven this as yet. More and more researchers are beginning to suggest that his dad was Charles Nuchols/Nuckols and his mom, Mary Hawkens Nuchols, while others suggest that his mom was Mary Black. This would support the idea that John was a brother to Silvester, along with several siblings.

   Since descendants have been told that Silvester is buried at the Crooked Creek Church Cemetery, several met there on October 1, 1990. Earl Adams dowsed for the graves and the church site. The area is just across Crooked Creek ford near Hubbard. A house once sat beside the main road, and a drive leads off in the corner of a pasture toward the church on a small hill. Two adults are buried to the left of the drive, and a cemetery containing about 15 people (mainly children) is just over the hill.


2. i Thomas Nuchols b. 31 Aug 1795.

Second Generation

2.Thomas Nuchols

b. 31 Aug 1795, North Carolina. He died 28 May 1874, Blount County, Tennessee, and is buried in Piney Level Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. He married (1) 1 Mar 1817, in Granville County, N.C., Sally (Sarah) C. Kinnamon, b. 28 Oct 1797, Warren County, North Carolina, (daughter of John Kinnamon and Diza Parrish) d. 14 May 1852, Blount County, Tennessee. She is buried in Piney Level Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. He married (2) 26 Sep 1852, in Blount County, Tennessee, Mary Waters, b. 5 Sep 1816, Kentucky, (daughter of Enoch Waters and Mary Bird) d. 31 Aug 1897, Blount County, Tennessee. She is buried in Piney Level Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee.

    Thomas Nuchols, with his dad, Silvester Nuchols, came to Tennessee, with their wives. They traveled in what was called a tandem cart, a two-wheeled outfit with shaves, one horse between the shaves, the other horse in front attached to the shaves. There was a seat between the wheels for the two women, with some space at their feet for equitment. Other equitment was fastened to the back of the seat. The men rode horses with more equipment tied to their saddles. You can judge from the description, that this was a very scanty outfit.
    There was plenty of game at that time, and they, being of hardy pioneer stock, could pretty well live off the land. They came through Cosby, to the Pleasant Grove Community, near Hubbard Community now is. Since Sally was expecting, and they had traveled many days, Thomas stopped, and moved into a vacant house, which he later bought. There was four or five hundred acres with the house. All of his children was born there, and was sold, or given portions of the land. Many of the grandchildren were born there.
    There is evidence that Sally was born in Blount, through the census, but other evidence shows she was born in North Carolina. The stories I have read say she was from N.C., and that is where she was married to Thomas. Another story says she and Thomas came from Virginia, through North Carolina, to Blount County.

In the book of Wills and Deeds of Blount County, is the following;

Thomas Nuchols to James Tipton 10/09/1840 '$35.00 pd., 5 ac. off of the SW end of where I live; jns. both of us; wit. D.D. Foute, Enoch Stephens, ack. 10/09/1840, J. Kennon, clk; by James M. Toole, DC; reg. 10/16/1840, A. McClain, reg. for B.C.'
Thomas Nuchols to Wm M. Nuchols 3/21/1859 '$100.00 pd., 25 ac. in 14th dist., on creek, a branch, up it, E. to top of a ridge, thence to the beg.; wit. A.B. Johnson, W. A. Walker; ack. 3/21/1859, J. C. McCoy clk, by W. A. Walker; DC; reg. 3/28/1859, And McClain, reg.'

Children by Sally (Sarah) C. Kinnamon:

2a. i Martha Nuchols b. 1820.

3. ii Richard A. Nuchols b. 1821.

4. iii William Wesley Nuchols b. 14 Dec 1823.

5. iv Eliza Jane Nuchols b. 19 Aug 1826.

6. v Sarah (Sally) Nuchols b. 17 Mar 1829.

7. vi Nancy Elizabeth Nuchols b. 7 Jun 1831.

8. vii David Thomas Nuchols b. 14 Dec 1836.

Children by Mary Waters:

9. viii James Waters Nuchols b. 23 Apr 1854.

10. ix Andrew Jackson Nuchols b. 16 Jul 1856.

11. x Alexander Nuchols b. abt. 1860.

Third Generation

Elijah Nelson and Sons

2a.Martha Nuchols

b. abt 1820 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 16 Apr 1874. She married (1) 5 Jun 1838, in Blount County, Tennessee, Elijah Nelson, (son of Elijah Nelson and Sally Redfern). He was born abt 1819 in Blount County, Tennessee. Martha married (2) in Texas, Mr. Lumons. Elijah and Martha moved to Texas.

Children by Elijah Nelson:

11a. i Elijah Randolph Nelson b. 22 Jan 1840

11b. ii James Wesley Nelson b. Sep. 1844

iii Sarah Nelson b. abt 1848 in Blount County, Tennessee.

iv David Nelson b. abt 1851 in Blount County, Tennessee.

v Mary Nelson b. abt 1853 in Blount County, Tennessee.

vi Tennessee Nelson b. abt 1856 in Blount County, Tennessee.

vii Richard Nelson b. abt 1857 in Blount County, Tennessee.

viiiWilliam Nelson b. abt 1859 in Blount County, Tennessee.

Mary Ann Davis

3.Richard A. Nuchols

b. 1821, Blount County, Tennessee. He died 1893, Blount County, Tennessee and was buried in Piney Level Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. He married (1) 15 Oct 1840 in Blount County, Tennessee, Rebecca White, (daughter of Isaac Anderson White, Sr. and Nancy Agnes Everett). She was born 1 Dec 1817 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 28 Feb 1856 in Blount County, Tennessee. Rebecca was buried in Piney Level Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. Richard married (2) 24 Jul 1865, in Blount County, Tennessee, Mary Ann Davis, (daughter of William Davis and Rachel Massey). She was born 15 Sep 1840 in Waynesville, Haywood County, North Carolina, and died 16 Nov 1910 in Benton, Polk County, Tennessee. Mary Ann was buried in Benton Cemetery, Benton, Polk County, Tennessee. Rebecca's full name has been given as Sarah Rebecca and Nancy Rebecca, but I have no proof of this at this time.

One of the grandchildren of Richard, wrote the following, on an unknown date;

    "My mother's cousin, Thom Nuchols, said that the father of Thomas Nuchols was Silvester Nuchols. He came to Blount County, died around 1830, and was buried in an old cemetery on Crooked Creek. Grandfather Richard volunteered for the Confederate Army; did not serve very long as he was called home because of his wife's sickness. But while in the army, he made friends by helping his army buddies write letters to their home folk. When at home, he helped the wives to write letters to their husbands in the army, because they could not read or write. History notes of the White Family describe this good deed.
    Rebecca White died, in 1856, and Richard sold his farm during that year.
    Richard possessed a legal mind; just following the civil war, he was living and working in a Veterans Home in Waynesville, North Carolina, and he helped widows secure their pensions. As a part of his work, he helped Rachel Massey Davis, (Mrs. William Davis), to secure her 1812 war pension. While helping Rachel, he met her daughter Mary Anne Davis, who became his wife in 1865.
    Richard was esquire of Blount County and was a representative of Tennessee's State Legislature in 1885. he was a man of strong Christian character and his church preference was the Baptist. He reared his family on Crooked Creek and his second family at Wellstown, in Blount County. A short time before he died, Mary Ann bought land near the railroad in East Maryville, now near Union School, so their sons could use the train to and from Knoxville each day for their University work.

In the Wills and Deeds of Blount County, is the following

'Richard Nuchols to Joseph Broady; 4/7/1865; $5.00 pd., 285 ac., is where I live; jns. John Russell, James Hall, Grindstaff, et al; also, my stock and personality; I owe W.H. Clemens, security with B.T. Nuchols, and with J.P Nuchols, to James B. Russel, owe Frank Hannah,Dr; John W. Cates; wit. M.H. Lane, Thomas Baker; ack. 4/7/1865, Thos Sanderson, clerk; reg. 4/7/1865, R.E. Tedford, reg.' 'Richard Nuchols to Henry Russell 10/11/1850 $200.00 pd., 104 1/2 ac. on waters of Crooked Creek; jns myself, Jesse Wallace's entry, James Grindstaff, Isaac Russell; wit. Jacob Long, James H. Grindstaff; ack. 10/11/1850, Robert A. Tedford, clk reg. 11/24/1850, and McClain, reg.'

Children by Rebecca White:

12. i Isaac (I.T.) Thomas (Dock) Nuchols b. 25 Aug 1841.

13. ii James Wesley Nuchols b. 14 Nov 1844.

14. iii Sarah Jane Nuchols b. 5 Jul 1854.

Children by Mary Ann Davis:

15. iv John Davis Nuchols b. 17 Dec 1865.

15a. v Mattie Elizabeth Nuchols b. 27 Apr 1867.

vi William Nuchols b. abt. 1868, Blount County, Tennessee, d. aft. 1870, Titus County, Texas.

16. vii Samuel Lee Nuchols b. 1 Mar 1871.

17. viii Charles Andrew Nuchols b. Abt. 1874.

4. William Wesley Nuchols

b. 14 Dec 1823, Blount County, Tennessee. He died 18 Sep 1870, Blount County, Tennessee, and was buried at Piney Level Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. William married abt 1845, in Blount County, Tennessee, Catherine Nelson, (daughter of Elijah Nelson and Sally Redfern). She was born 27 Mar 1824, Blount County, Tennessee, and died 25 Feb 1892, Blount County, Tennessee. She is buried at Piney Level Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. William was a farmer and justice of the peace. He performed several marriages.


18. i Elijah Nuchols b. 25 Nov 1846.

19. ii Sallie (Sarah) E. Nuchols b. 18 Jan 1852.

iii Thomas Nuchols b. 5 Aug 1854, Blount County, Tennessee, occupation, Minister of God, d. 10 Oct 1882, Blount County, Tennessee, buried, Piney Level Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee.

20. iv Richard A. (Dick) Nuchols b. 2 Feb 1857.

21. v William Marion Nuchols b. 17 Jun 1860.

5. Eliza Jane Nuchols

b. 19 Aug 1826 in Blount County, Tennessee. She died 12 Sep 1900 in Blount County, Tennessee, and was buried in Piney Level Baptist Church Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. She married 16 Dec 1845, in Blount County, Tennessee, James Morgan Everett, (son of Thomas Everett and Lydia Bayless). He was born 12 May 1826, Blount County, Tennessee, and died 16 Nov 1906 in Blount County, Tennessee. He was buried, Piney Level Baptist Church Cemetery in Blount County, Tennessee.

Richard Everett Children:

i Nancy Everett b. 1848.

ii James Richard Everett b. abt. 1852, Blount County, Tennessee, m. 19 Dec 1871, in Blount County, Tennessee, Hannah Whitehead.

22. iii Margaret Ann Everett b. 17 Jan 1855.

23. iv Robert T. Everett b. 3 Apr 1858.

v Vincent Everett b. abt. 1860, Blount County, Tennessee, m. 25 Sep 1884, in Blount County, Tennessee, Ella Henry, b. Blount County, Tennessee.

vi William Everett b. 19 Mar 1864, Blount County, Tennessee, d. 6 May 1930, Blount County, Tennessee, buried, Laws Chapel Primitive Baptist Cemetery.

vii David E. Everett b. 17 Jul 1870, Blount County, Tennessee, d. 17 Sep 1900, Blount County, Tennessee, buried, Piney Level Cemetery, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee.


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