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Angela Renee Eubanks    Welcome to the Eubanks Emporium, which is a collection of my family history. I descend from some of the most interesting people. Other family names in my line are Parton, Leonard, and Jenkins, which I am also researching.

   Most of my direct lines are located in Eastern Tennessee, including but not limited to the following counties: Knox, Loudon, Blount, Roane, and Sevier. I also have branches in Alabama, and Georgia, but as my research continues, I expect many more states and counties will become known. Please feel free to send any suggestions, corrections, or ideas, and I will definately consider them. If you find any information I have is wrong, please contact me so I can make the updates as correct as possible.

   I will be adding pictures as I find them, along with tombstones, documents, letters, and other vital information, to make my family feel more alive, than to be seen as just a statistic.

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